Thursday, April 16, 2015

Not a Lot Going On Here

I would like to say I'm sewing up a storm...but I'm not.  I managed to get these curtains done before we had visitors come for Easter.  That's about all of the sewing I've done in the past little while. (Remember my post from a while back...? So I didn't go black and white, but did go geometric and simple)
The fabric is this navy blue wax resist dyed loveliness that my husband brought back for me from Ghana, way back in January. It's only taken 19 years for him to learn what I really want as a souvenir:)

I left the side edges raw (they even wax resist dyed the name and some other things on the side) and then simply used a rolled hem for the top and bottom.  I didn't want to waist any of the fabric by hemming too much.  As I was cutting it out to the measurements, last minute I remembered to make sure that the circles would line up from panel to panel...that was a close call.  I'm kind of loving how they look. Simple, yet stunning to look at. And they are simply hung with little clips on a simple rod.
As for what has been keeping me busy, besides chauffeuring my kids around, on the days it is nice outside...I love Spring...I've been outside discovering what our flowerbeds have to offer. Since we bought this house and moved in July 1st, what blooms in Spring is a nice surprise. Every day it seems like it is something new, awakening to the warm sunshine that has become more the norm.
So here are some of the surprised for your enjoyment.

 One night a couple of weeks ago, there was a chorus of probably 50-80 of these guys in our little was loud! The result is now a ton of tadpoles swimming around. The girls are having fun with daily to love backyard biology!
 And this lovely sight is from a drive on Easter around a local park. How many turtles can you count?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pixie Hooded Coat by BigLittle

I got to be part of the test group for the new Pixie Hooded Pattern by Big Little and can I just say what a great experience it was!  And the end result were 2 great coats for my girls, that they actually chose to wear! (Check out my other version over here).
The coat is very versatile and will cross over from season to season depending on the fabric choice. For this one I used a home decorator weight fabric for the outside (sorry, no source because it was given to me by my mom a couple of years ago) and a fuzzy blanket found on the Target clearance aisle for the lining. I also added a band of red biased tape around the hood for a little contrast/pop of color.
The pattern comes in a huge range of sizes (1-14 children's), 2 hood options (pixie or rounded) and there is also a pea coat version available as well as a women's pattern in the works.
As for the pattern itself, this would be a great beginners pattern!!! And the result will be something that will have people saying "You sewed that?!?"  There are no button holes, zippers or anything else too scary. Lisa has done a great job writing up the directions and giving great visuals as well.
The other great thing about the comes together super fast!!! I sewed this coat together in a there is some instant gratification involved as well.  I also like this because I won't feel too bad when they outgrow it so quickly...I only invested a minimal amount of time and materials in it, but I got what I think are stunning results.
So if you are looking for a great versatile coat pattern that goes together quickly your really should check out the Pixie Hooded Coat or the Pea Coat by Big Little.
Now for a couple more pictures of my not so little Nordic Pixie (the fabric reminds me of the Norwegian/Swedish prints):

Friday, February 13, 2015

Free For All Flip--Pleated Kick Pleat Skirt

The lovely ladies over at Frances Suzanne are changing up their FLIP Series a little this month. All month long they are spotlighting FLIPs of free patterns/tutorials.
So here is my most popular post...all time, my tutorial for a Kick Pleat Skirt (it's also one of my favorite things I've made).  So if you need a reminder here is a picture of the original finished skirt.
For my FLIP I turned it into a dress and changed up the kick pleats.
It's really hard to tell in the pictures, but I pleated the small panel used in the kick pleat. I did this by using the stripes in the fabric as a guide and just kept pleating so that only the maroon shows.  It also gives the kick pleat more of a...kick so to say. Even though the skirt is kind of fitted she has no problem walking in it.
As for the top, I just used the Ethan Shirt pattern again (other versions here and here), so you could say this is a double flip:)
I kind of like how she can dress this up or down.  My original vision was more flapper girl/20's style...but it turned out a little different after consulting Sophia.
Here's a picture where you can see the pleats a little better. We also went sans bow because it just didn't go well with the style of the dress or with the busyness of the stripes...running down the middle of the white stripes is also a silver stripe that doesn't show up in the pictures.  It really is a pretty fabric (JoAnn's in the red tag fabric section) and is kind of a nod to the Pantone Color of the Year--Marsala. The stripes aren't quite maroon (I know that because I couldn't really find buttons to match), but more of a wine color, just like Marsala.
Make sure you check out the Kick Pleat Skirt Tutorial if you want to make a fun yet little more 'grown up' looking skirt! And make sure you check out the other fun creations and look at the crazy/amazing list of FREE!!! tutorials and patterns over at Frances Suzanne!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Have You Heard?

Have you heard...there is a new online magazine happening and I'm a guest contributor today?
SKG Magazine - The Lifestyle Magazine for Creative Moms

Friday, January 30, 2015

Zoe Raglan Top

Back last year I had the chance to test the Zoe top by Liola Patterns and I just realized that I never blogged about it. Something to do with kids starting school and life getting crazy. So here it is...
It is a great and easy sew and oh so comfortable. I loved the curved hem line and the pleats on the sleeve...just something a little unique and different for your basic raglan. I also loved that the sleeves and hem line were long enough without me having to alter it...something nice for this long torsoed/long armed gal. It however, would be rather easy to make it without the pleats if you want just a basic shirt.  Really if you are looking for an easy to follow pattern for a basic comfortable shirt, you should check out the Zoe.
Photos thanks to my 11 year old:)

Friday, January 9, 2015

In Black and White

So it's been a while...with the holidays (can you say 3 different concerts?!), camera not working, sick kids,'s been a while. But I am going to be better...

I thought I'd share what is on my mind at the moment's cold here and I still haven't put up window coverings of any kind. While we have fairly good windows, I wonder if having some sort of curtain up would help in the whole heating department.  Not sure if it would or not, but it sure would help in feeling that the rooms were "completed". 
That's what I have on my mind...curtains.
I've ventured into curtains before and plan to reuse those, but I need some new ideas as well.
These I made from some vintage handkerchiefs...still love how they turned out!
I find that I'm still drawn to the simple white with black lined details, like this one from Ikea
Or this one from Ikea:
And not only am I drawn to black and white, but to the more organic looking designs verses the actual patterns.  This is probably why I'm drawn to doodling like this: 
My Christmas present to myself, found on Amazon.
So my thinking is going down this road: I wonder if I could design/draw my own fabric. I have a bunch of white (same fabric used in the handkerchief curtains actually) and I'm thinking with a sharpie I could come up with something that is not only really cool, but really unique.
The question is, is it doable? 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Omni Family Blog Tour

It was a family affair with the making of the Omni Tempore by Sofilantjes Patterns.
I went a little crazy in the making of them. Not only did I get these 4 done (sizes Adult Medium, Adult Small, size 10 and size 12), but I managed to get 2 12 month sized ones done as well and shipped off as baby presents for my newest niece and nephew.
This pattern is an amazingly quick and easy sew...from start to finish of the sewing less than an hour (especially by my 6th one:)
These are just some cute pants that I made to go with the boy version, following this tutorial.
So here are my finished versions...they all really love them and they are quite comfy.
I said more about them over at Sew Cool for the Tween Scene as well.
Sophia's is a size 12, shawl collar, with kangaroo pocket, cuffs and waistband all made from purple micro fleece.
Clara's is a size 10, with shawl collar, kangaroo pocket and cuffs made out of super soft and comfy micro fleece...I loved her fabric.
Ethan's is an Adult Small, hooded with cuffs...he said he kind of wished his was roomier. The fit is more like that of a thick shirt than a sports sweatshirt.
For mine, I used some of my 'winnings' ( a nice textured knit from Nosh Fabrics) and made an Adult medium with a hood. I agree that the fit is kind of snug. If you want to layer I would go with a size up. But it really is a great pattern and very comfortable...I wore mine all day long.
So now go and check out some of the other stops on the tour for some great inspiration, pick up the pattern for yourself at a discount (such a great bargain as you are getting size 12 months all the way up to adult XXXL) and then try your hand at the amazing prize packages put together!

Prize Pack #1

1.5 meters of fabric from Joy Fits Fabrics
Omni Tempore Pattern Bundle by Sofilantjes
Bustle Skirt Pattern by Koda Baby Boutique
1 Pattern of choice by Filles a Maman
1 Pattern of choice by Serger Pepper
1 Pattern of choice by E+M Patterns
1 Pattern of choice by Striped Swallow Designs

Prize Pack #2

1.5 meters of fabric from Joy Fits Fabrics
Omni Tempore Pattern Bundle by Sofilantjes
Grace Pattern by Rose & Lee Designs
1 Pattern of choice by Filles a Maman
1 Pattern of choice by Madeit Patterns
1 Pattern of choice by Dandelions n' Dungarees
1 pattern of choice by FABulous Home Sewn

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