Thursday, May 21, 2009

May crafting

I love green and yellow. So when I saw this fabric, I wanted it. When I was 8 I got to pick out the colors I wanted to paint my room and no joking I picked almost these exact shades of yellow and green. You thought you knew me, right? Well I held on to this fabric for a while trying to decide what to make with it and when I needed something bright and cheery for Clara's 1 year old pictures, I decided to make something out of it. A little busy for a full dress on a little one, I decided to go with a white bodice with a green ric-rac trim. I added little flower buttons on the back and a little kerchief/head thing with a hand embroidered daisy and voila, you have a cute ensemble. Did I mention I love daisies too? I used the Burda 3025 pattern and as usual, altered it a bit. Basically I lined the bodice instead of using binding and made the skirt a little less full. Doesn't this just say Spring? To see Clara in it check out her pictures over at Sara's site (she took the one year old pictures for me, I'm sewing pillows for her):

I've also been making some personalized onesies for baby gifts. I thought these turned out cute. The kids and I have fun coming up with the thing that starts with the letter, but also has to fit with the gender.


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