Saturday, August 29, 2009

Latest Project--Organization

This is going to hang on the wall in our kitchen next to the table. $4 piece of wood covered in magnetic primer and chalk board paint. The plan is to have the days written our with our schedule on there and meal plan for the week, plus any chores for the kids. Under this there will be the wooden letters, you can find at craft stores, for each kid painted with the chalk board paint as well (for reminders and fun little notes of love) and then a hook for their back packs. Lately, we've been a little scattered. I like the little footprints that showed up from Clara walking through their chalk creations and then on the board. And yes, they did wipe off...although a little reluctantly on my part.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This dress

I love this dress! It's on my crafting list to recreate it. Sophia called Clara the German Maid all day, maybe that's why I like it. I have pictures of Sophia in it as well, but they are still packed away. I think my mom made it, because there is no tag, but there are a couple of things that suggest it might be store bought. I don't think my mom would have had a serger like machine (did they even have those 40 years ago?), and the seams are all serged. Maybe she did. I found it in a box one year when I went home and figured it would fit Sophia at the time. It's the perfect spinning dress, with the skirt being really gathered and the bodice has darts in it so it doesn't seem so boxy. The gathered cuffs (can you call it that?) are a great look too. The sad thing is, it is falling apart a bit and I don't think I can fix it to have it last much longer. Therefore, I'm going to attempt laying it out and creating a pattern from it. Right now I'm in search of the perfect print for the fabric. Something vintage looking, similar to this one. And then there is the ric rac...I love the look!


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