Friday, September 18, 2009

Little and Lovely

Here is what I have been making--a bunch of doll quilts. Except for one small zip lock bag with green strips and a bag of dark blues and navies, which didn't seem to work as a doll quilt and a couple of other random scraps that just didn't go with anything else, I used up all of my scraps smaller than a fat quarter. My mom is headed to a craft show in WV (Harper's Ferry, I think) so she is going to try and sell them there. Here's a collage of the various quilts.
Sophia's favorite, the crazy one at the top of the turquoise picture; my favorite, the ones in blue. Hopefully, some little girls go home happy from the craft show.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Latest Baby Wave

Personalized onesies for the next round of babies that we know. Twins, Bryce and Ian, up in Nashville and a little guy, Liam, born into a family that we've gotten to know here.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dress pattern

I'm still tempted by this Oliver & S pattern for their fall line, especially after seeing the long sleeved version. However, the short sleeved version just isn't quite what I had in mind for a school uniform dress for Sophia. These two dresses are more like that. I've pictured a little more fitted, less skirt and buttons all the way down and these kind of fit that bill, don't you think? I found them, thanks to Valerie (speaking of Val, check out the little green kimono type shirt I made for her little guy to go over his post surgery days with bulky wrappings...I put in way too much time with way too many little details, but it was way too much fun--I just forgot to take pictures of all of those details), over at the to-drool-over site of Chasing Fireflies. The drooling factor is slightly diminished by the price tag factor though and the thought that I can easily (ok, almost easily) make any of those dresses makes me want to try (just look at the christening dresses and you will see one that slightly looks like the one that I made for Clara, which made me happy because I designed mine without having seen that one). They are pretty classy looking clothes though. That being said, I can't find a single pattern for a "shirt dress" or "safari dress", which I've seen these types of dresses called. Any suggestions?

I really like this one the best, it just has to be in all navy, so sad, because I can think of so many cuter combinations of fabrics than plain navy blue.


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