Monday, October 19, 2009


My house and decor are somewhat lacking in the style department. I like to blame the lack of funding in that part of the budget, but it's also my own personal lack of style. I've personally acknowledged that I will never have a home worthy of a spread in a style magazine. It's just not me or dare I say, my style. My house will always be a little cluttered, because I like those "treasures" that make a house a home. I will never have a perfectly pulled together room, because I have a hard time forking out money to pull it all together (I know some of you will say you can do it on a budget, but even that takes money) and also my refusal to get rid of things that don't go with the room, but really have no other place to go either. There will always be pieces that are mismatched and things I keep even though they don't go with the decor. That being said, I've been feeling like our living room was a little more college apartment style than I liked. I've been slowly gathering fabric to go with the colors I've had in mind for a long time and I have 2 chairs that I'm refinishing to actually match, but haven't done much else. This past week I had had enough and wanted to do something with my lack of continuity in the room and made pillows to go on all of the chairs that match. JoAnns had their pillows on sale, by one get one free. Some of the fabric was from dish towels I had picked up somewhere, just because they were the colors I liked. Some more of the fabrics were remnants I'd pick up here and there. The one dotted brown I picked up at Hobby Lobby on sale last week. I went and got some trim as well, just to make them a little more interesting. All said, I think I spent $50 total. Now I just need to make a slip cover for the ugly, but oh so comfortable worn out orange chair and I think I can live with the room until we can afford the chocolate brown leather couch I've had my eye on.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Simple Dress Made Fancy

This dress is a simple pattern*. One introduced to me by Valerie. One I've made countless dresses out of and one I've used to teach many friends how to sew. It's an easy sew with only 5 pieces to put together, but it teaches some good skills like how to gather and make a casing. It also lends itself to variations. Here is one of those variations:
I added the ribbons as ties, the brocade (I think that's what it is called) across the bodice and down the middle of the bodice, put 7 rows of pin tucking along the bottom bordered by velvet ribbon.
Instead of putting elastic in the sleeves, as the pattern suggests, I left them as is and just gathered them in at one spot which is secured with a little button.
I also tried the lined hem taught at Oliver & S. I really like the finished look of this and will definitely use this more in the future.
Here is what Clara did while I sewed. There's nothing like playing under a table.
*(This dress pattern is out of print. It's a McCall's pattern #3417.)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do you remember this dress?

Okay, I think I really have blogged about this dress enough, but I did it! I bought the pattern and it came today and I'm so excited to start on it. First run in the blue poplin. It's a school dress and won't be worn anywhere else, so I figure that works for the test run. Then I will find some fun fabric to make a Sunday dress. After that maybe one in the long sleeved version. I'm so excited. I'm also excited about the fact that this pattern will s..t..r..e..t..c..h my abilities a little...okay, a lot. I haven't done that with my sewing skills in a while. It should be fun, I hope.


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