Thursday, May 26, 2011

Being Highly Unproductive But Still Producing

We've been a little consumed with the ocean around here lately. It might have something to do with all of the seashells that we brought back from our trip to Florida. The other day the girls declared that they would like mermaid outfits for their dolls (all made from the Magic Cabin doll kits, which sadly I think they are discontinuing). Here are the finished outfits. Each a little different. I'm still contemplating gluing on seashells instead of the buttons that I put on, but I'm worried about the choking hazard. While I don't have any little ones around, we still have a lot of friends over that have little people crawling around. So even though I'm not getting done the things I need to, I've had fun the last day or two with my girls coming up with these outfits.

Baby Violet* in shimmery pink Baby Lily* in purple and pink
Baby Rose* in green and yellow
Tomorrow I'll post a quick and easy how-to. The girls had a lot of fun setting up this little photo shoot as well. All shells were ones we found on Sanibel Island, FL.

*Wondering about the dolls names? Here's the story.

Purple Birthday Apron

Last week Sophia was invited to a last minute birthday party, so I sewed up an apron for a present. Can I just say that it makes me immensely happy that I can whip up a last minute gift, without having to worry about running to the store? I had everything I needed in my sewing room. As I was making the apron (sadly no pictures), Clara declared that she wanted an apron for her birthday that was the next week. She then proceeded to pick out her fabric from my stash. Of course they were all purples and I was able to work them all in.
I even found a purple bunny button for the finishing touch.

The apron is reversible. On the one side is a yellow 'C' for Clara, as she likes to tell me. She was not happy with me at first when I put yellow on the purple apron, but I like how it stands out and she is just happy with the 'C'.

The other side has a pocket.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Easter Dress Number 1

So here is the fabric, some very pretty feed sack material with a defined border. I still can't believe how pretty some of these feed sacks are. Something so beautiful that is also practical.I just used a basic dress pattern and put the border at the top instead of at the bottom, as I tend to do with these kinds of fabrics. I did end up cutting off some of the pink and using that as a ruffle, because I wanted to make sure the flower border was closer to the top.
Here is the finished product on a not very willing model. I also made some fabric covered buttons for hair things, but she would not let me get a picture of those at all.
I really wanted the flower border to go all the way around the sleeves as well, but there just wasn't enough. Instead I took what was left of the really floral part and inset it into the sleeve. I've heard this method called window pane inserts, but I'm not sure if that is right. I just cut the sleeve in half and took a football shaped piece of the floral part that was the same length on the curve and put in in.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm still creating and I so want to make this

So I have been making stuff...I just haven't been taking pictures of it. I did do the vest for this crazy crew. I could have done the dresses instead, but I didn't think I could look at that green for very long. Don't get me wrong, I love green. It's my favorite color. It's just that this green was an awful mix of lime, fluorescent and apple. Hard on the eyes up close but looked great on stage. If you want to see them, check the number out on youtube just type in 'atlanta temple celebration' and pick the Motown number.

I also managed to make two Easter dresses in one week. Unfortunately, I always forget to take some pictures when the girls are wearing them. This was the beginnings of Clara's. It was some old feed sack material that I kept holding on to, just waiting for the perfect project. I turned it into a simple dress, with a ruffle on the bottom and window pane sleeves. I promise pictures as soon as I get them. Then this week I made a mobile of birds for a baby shower present and a kids apron for a birthday present for one of Sophia's friends. Sadly, no picture of those either. You see, I can't find the battery that my camera needs. I need to go somewhere where I can ask someone some questions, because it is kind of frustrating not having a camera.

But do you want to know what I really want to be making right now...this. It looks crazy hard (can I just say zippers in weird places!), but I think it is so worth having that I'm going to have to try...sometime in trying to pack up and move in the next month. Hmmm...


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