Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baptism Dresses

Sophia needed 2 baptism dresses last week. Okay, she really didn't need two, but she is on the petite side and the jumpsuits didn't really fit so I decided to make 2 dresses instead of one. She picked the J. Crew one above as the one she wanted to wear afterwards. I'm not sure why the picture of her looks so grainy. It doesn't look that bad on the original. Anyway. I tried to do a knockoff, but I always underestimate how small and petite she really is. And since I do most of my sewing after she goes to bed when she can't really try it on, it turned out on the large pillowcase look and not as billowy as in the original. Oh well. It really does look pretty close up.

Dress number 2, the one she wore to get baptized in was made after this Land's End dress we found. Rather simple. I liked how this one turned out. I used a white on white print and added lace around the sleeves and skirt hem. I also added 3 pleats on the bottom hem. There are also 2 flowers from the exact same lace (I saved some) from my wedding dress that I stitched on the neck line. She like this one best out of the two. Mainly because the other one just didn't fit right. I might go back and tweak it some, because that was the one she was supposed to get. This one I was going to save for Clara to get baptized in as well.


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